Mobile, AL Bed Bug Heat Treatments


Bed bugs are the enemy once again. After years in obscurity, these bloodsucking insects are back with a vengeance. Although bed bugs don't transmit diseases, they cause waves of panic and fear wherever they are found. It's understandable because bed bugs are difficult to detect and even harder to remove. Many people don't know that they have a bed bug problem until it has grown out of control. If you're concerned about bed bugs invading your home in Mobile, Alabama, here's what you should know.


Bed Bug Facts

Bed bugs are parasitic insects. They feed exclusively on the blood of people and animals. Although bed bugs normally feed once per week, they can go for several months without food. During the night, they creep out to find new hosts and gorge on blood. Before the sun rises, they return to their hiding places. These insects are so adept at hiding in textiles and crevices that they can easily go unseen. People who have bed bug infestations are more likely to notice itchy red bumps on their skin from the bites and tiny flecks of dried blood on their bedding. A closer inspection may reveal live bed bugs or dried exoskeletons that were cast off when the nymphs matured.

Adult bed bugs are brown or reddish-brown depending on how recently they have fed. Due to their size, shape and coloring, they resemble apple seeds. These pests have five immature nymphal stages. Young bed bugs are tan or light brown. They become progressively darker and larger as they mature. The eggs and youngest bed bugs are the size and color of a grain of rice or large flake of salt, so they are hard to spot. Because bed bugs hide so well and can go for so long without feeding, it's difficult to detect them. Conventional pest control strategies don't have a great effect on bed bugs when they're tucked away in their hiding places. Fortunately, bed bugs have one weakness. They can't handle heat.

Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs in Mobile

Heat treatment has emerged as a popular solution for managing bed bug infestations in Mobile. Portable heating units maintain a temperature over 122 degrees. This level of heat dries the bed bugs and destroys vital proteins. Your Bad Bugs technician will monitor the temperature closely. Just a few degrees can mean the difference between an hour-long wait and immediate death.

This chemical-free approach is highly effective. Compared to other options, heat treatments have many benefits. They kill adult bed bugs, nymphs and eggs much faster than fumigation. On average, a home can be treated in six to eight hours. However, heat doesn't have residual effects, so the entire area must be heated thoroughly. The treatment is safe for most items. Anything that can't withstand high temperatures should be removed and treated with another method. Your pest management professional may recommend supplemental treatments that are suitable for the area and the particular material.

For more information about heat treatments for bed bugs, contact Bad Bugs Pest Control in Mobile. Our experts can inspect your home and recommend the best option.