Montevallo, AL Pest Control


Montevallo homeowners who are currently dealing with infestations will want to call in professionals so that a viable action plan can be formulated and implemented. Whether property owners are being plagued by rodents, roaches or mosquitoes, a well-crafted extermination plan will send the critters to their ultimate demise. Various critters pose specific dangers to members of the household.

Rodent Control

Rats, mice, squirrels and even groundhogs can pose problems for homeowners. While squirrels and groundhogs can sometimes build nests near sheds and garages, mice and rats can enter attics and basements through weaknesses in the foundation. Small holes near shutters, windows and doors can allow the rodents to get inside. Mice and rats can urinate on infrastructure and can also transmit diseases to humans who come into contact with them. Both traps and bait can be used to remove the rodents before they begin to breed in the interior of the structure.

Roach Control

Roaches are brown insects that are usually a few fractions of an inch long. They typically have flattened bodies and can enter homes whenever a food source is found. Roaches breed quickly and will often form large colonies behind walls and in kitchens and bathrooms. Roaches leave behind droppings and egg sacs that can attract dust and dirt. Residents with allergies and asthma may find it more difficult to breathe. Technicians can locate the central nesting location and use calibrated chemicals to eliminate the colony.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are particularly hateful insects that require host animals to survive. Typically found near shallow pools of water, the insects can breed fast in warm, moist climates. The females of the species require blood for nourishment before they lay their eggs. Mosquitoes, in fact, have been known to carry West Nile virus, malaria and dog heartworm. Professionals can set up misting systems that will provide a protective barrier against the insects.

Pest Extermination in Montevallo, AL

Homeowners and business owners who are desperate to get rid of unwanted critters should give us a call at Bad Bugs Pest Control. We can develop an extermination plan that will return the residence to a pest-free existence.

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