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From bed bugs to rodents, your home is under constant attack from outdoor pests. You can clean your yard and home all you want, but pests will always come inside and see what your home has to offer. When spiders and other stubborn pests invade your property, Bad Bugs Pest Control is here to help. We offer expert pest control, bed bug control, and mosquito control services to Pelham, AL and many other areas in Alabama.

Effective Pest Control in Pelham

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have made a resurgence recently and have invaded everything from homes to schools. These bugs don't just go away with conventional do-it-yourself pest control; it takes professionals to come in and wipe them clean. These bugs feed on human blood and infest carpets, bedding, furniture and clothing. They may not spread diseases, but they cause rashes, welts and other allergic reactions.


Ants have a way of finding the smallest bread crumbs and sticky spots on the floor. These insects seek water and shelter indoors and come in through small cracks in your home's walls and foundation. One ant doesn't cause many problems, but it leaves behind invisible pheromone trails that signal to other ants in the colony to come in and join the raid. Without professional assistance, ants can move their colonies closer to your home and stay on the offensive.


Rodents, such as mice and squirrels, cause a variety of problems for homeowners. Mice chew through walls, boxed goods and packaging, leaving behind droppings in their path. These droppings contaminate your home and cause hantavirus and other rodent-borne diseases. Squirrels invade your home through the attic, breed in the walls and chew through wiring, which can lead to fires. Even rodents like groundhogs can tear up your landscape and ruin your garden.

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