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Bed Bugs are a problem you can’t afford to ignore if you care about your home or business. When they get inside, they look for hiding spots near a host and wait until the host is asleep to come out and feed.

Bed Bugs are small insects that bite when you go to bed at night, and their saliva contains natural painkillers so that you won’t feel them right away. Adult bed bugs are the size of an apple seed and have round bodies after they eat. While hungry bedbugs are brown, they turn red after getting a fresh meal.

The Problem With Bed Bugs

If you have never dealt with bed bugs or the issues that come with them, you could be wondering why these insects are a problem in the first place. Bedbugs stain mattresses, sheets and furniture if you give them the opportunity, and the problem gets even worse over time if you don’t do something about it.

If you are like other people who have bedbugs for the first time, you probably think you can handle them with products from the store. Bedbugs have become resistant to many of the chemicals and pesticides that worked on them in the past. Even if you find a chemical that kills the parasites, you have to apply it in the right places at the right time for positive results. In other words, bedbugs are almost impossible to control unless you are an expert.

The Benefits of Heat Treatments

Bed Bugs might be immune to standard treatment options, but they are not immune to heat. Raising the air in your home to a temperature lethal to bed bugs is one of the most powerful solutions. When you opt for a heat treatment, our experts go to your home and use special equipment to create an environment in which bed bugs can’t survive.

The bed bugs will scatter to other parts of your home in an attempt to escape the deadly heat. To prevent any bed bugs from getting away, our experts use thermal cameras to make sure each part of your home reaches the target temperature.

Get the Help You Need

If you have bed bugs and want a solution you can trust, your search is over. Bad Bugs Pest Control is ready to teach your bedbugs a lesson they will never forget. We promise to use an effective approach and pay attention to each detail while we are on the job, and bedbugs won’t stand a chance when you enlist our support because we won’t stop until they are gone for good.

Heat treatments work where other solutions fail because no bedbug can withstand high temperatures for long. When you ask for our support, our No. 1 goal is to make your bedbug problem a thing of the past as quickly as possible. We remain dedicated to meeting your needs and are proud to have your back. If you are ready to see what we can do for you, pick up your phone and call Bad Bugs Pest Control today.

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