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If you have bed bugs in your home or place of business, you need to get them under control right away. Bed bugs are great at hiding and won’t take long to spread to the other parts of your property if you are not careful. Learning about bed bugs and how to spot them in the first part of an outbreak is a smart move in the right direction. Once you know how the invaders look, you can contact a caring team of pest control experts to contain the threat. Bad Bug knows how to handle bedbugs and the issues they cause, so we can give you peace of mind when the parasites strike.

Detecting Bed Bugs

Since detecting bed bugs in the first stage of an infestation is smart, this guide points you in the right direction. Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed, and they have oval-shaped bodies. Although their bodies are flat if they have not fed in a while, they become round after a fresh meal.

Baby bed bugs are almost impossible to see with the naked eye because they are tiny. Young bedbugs are white until they feed, turning red after their first blood meal. If you think bedbugs could be in your home, knowing where to look is a great step in the right direction. Bed bugs like to remain near their host, so look for them in the seams of your mattress and under your furniture.

Why Bedbugs Are a Problem

The good news is that bedbugs don’t transmit harmful pathogens to humans or their pets, but that does not mean bedbugs are harmless. They leave fecal matter and blood stains behind after feeding, and this problem ruins your mattress and sheets over time.

The biggest issue with bed bugs, though, is that they cause stress and emotional discomfort. The thought of bed bugs coming out from hiding while they sleep is enough to keep most people up at night. Bed bugs are resilient creatures and have become resistant to many of the standard treatment options, making them next to impossible to eliminate.

How Heat Treatment Works

Even though bed bugs are resistant to many treatment options, they remain vulnerable to heat, and that is why many experts prefer heat treatments to get rid of bedbugs. A pest control expert will bring special equipment into your home that increases the temperature to a point that kills bedbugs. Using thermal cameras, the experts make sure every inch of your home reaches the required temperature so that the bedbugs won’t come back.

Getting Started

If you live in or near Montevallo and want to protect yourself from bedbugs, Bad Bug is ready to give you a hand. We use the latest technology and a team of passionate experts to turn your bedbug problem into a thing of the past. If you would like to learn more about us or want to start, pick up your phone and contact us today.

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