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Movies often show evil creatures as huge, hulking monsters that instill fear. Bed bugs, at less than a quarter inch long, do not fit the typical description of a monster. But their ability to bite and draw blood qualifies them as the meanest that you can find. Transmitting diseases is not something that they do, but their bite wakes you from restful sleep and interferes with concentration. For some people, it can produce dangerous anaphylactic or asthmatic reactions.

Recognizing Bed Bugs

Looking somewhat like tiny cockroaches, bed bugs have a reddish-brown color, an oval shape and six walking legs. Only as large as a letter on your computer or typewriter keyboard, they can flatten themselves to the thickness of a piece of paper. With a blood meal, they enlarge to as much as six times their normal size. They get their name from their preference for feeding on sleeping adults.

Avoiding Failed Treatment Methods

Attempts to eradicate bed bugs usually require the use of chemicals, but pesticides are a poor choice for several reasons. Pesticides require repeated treatment, a troublesome and expensive inconvenience that you can avoid. Scientific studies show that bed bugs are showing resistance to the most frequently used pesticides. Sensitivity to chemicals makes it difficult for anyone who has certain medical conditions to tolerate them.

Steaming is slow and inefficient, and placing garments and bedding in a clothes dryer provides only minimal effectiveness. Poison powders kill the bugs that it lands on, but it leaves residue that is harmful for pets.

Choosing Effective Heat Treatment

Killing bed bugs with heat is the most effective and efficient method that you can find. They cannot tolerate it, and they cannot hide from it. Heat permeates every treated area, including cracks, crevices and spaces between your walls. You have no potential danger from using chemicals, and there is no harmful residue. Treatment with heat requires creating a temperature in your home that is beyond the endurance capability of bed bugs. Conventional treatments can easily miss bed bugs that are hiding and completely fail to affect the eggs. Heat treatment reaches bed bugs in all stages of their lives.

Taking Action

Bad Bugs Pest Control in Birmingham, AL offers the latest technological methods for eradicating bed bugs from your home. With an effective heat treatment, you can get rid of the biting blood suckers that make your life miserable. Take a moment to request a free quote and find a way to reclaim your home from the monsters that have invaded it.

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