Calera has a warm and humid climate. Residents see plenty of rainfall each year, and the winters are mostly mild. The ample moisture contributes to the lush green landscapes. This provides plenty of food for insects and their predators, and many of the insects and predators are pests to humans. These are two pests that create major problems for Calera residents each year.


Fleas are one of the hardest pests to eliminate because of their four life cycles. They are very resilient as larvae and often survive many commercial chemicals and natural sprays. People treat their lawns and pets continuously without much relief. Only a professional has access to substances that target fleas in all four life stages. While fleas typically live on the blood of pets, they can also bite humans. Some humans and pets have allergic reactions to flea bites that warrant the need for medical care. Fleas have hard bodies and can jump long distances. This is part of why they spread so easily. If you have a neighbor who has fleas on their lawn or pets, the fleas can easily spread to your yard, your pet and your home. Fleas thrive in homes where there is carpeting or upholstered furniture. Since they lay a large amount of eggs, they multiply fast.


There are several types of cockroaches in Calera. The large shiny black roaches that you often see outdoors or on the ground level feasting on rotting vegetation are Asian cockroaches. They can make their way into your home under doors, and seeing one of these large pests on the wall can rob you of your peace of mind for weeks. German, American and Australian cockroaches are light tan to reddish-brown in color. They are often shorter than an inch in length and crawl very fast. You will usually see them in damp basements, bathrooms or kitchens. They prefer areas where there is moisture and plenty of bacteria. However, you may see them in bedrooms, dining rooms and other areas of the home when there is a larger infestation.

The main risk with cockroaches is bacterial contamination. Cockroaches can get into your food supply. When they stop to eat, they also regurgitate and defecate where they eat. Roaches can spread bacteria from bathrooms to food supplies. If you live in an apartment building, roaches can get into your unit from your neighbor’s apartment. Since roaches breed quickly and are able to survive well, their colonies multiply fast. Professionals can bait the roaches. Since they are cannibalistic pests, living roaches will feed on a dead roach that has been poisoned. When they die, other roaches will feed on their poisoned carcasses. This cycle is one of the fastest and most effective ways to eliminate roaches.

Professional Pest Control In Calera

At Bad Bugs Pest Control, our professionals have years of experience dealing with every type of pest. From mosquitoes to raccoons, we can handle any type and size of infestation. If you see a pest, call us immediately to avoid a worsening problem. We also offer preventative pest control services if you want to keep pests out of your home or business. To learn more about our services or for a free quote, please call us today.