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Bad Bugs Pest Control provides customers in Decatur with effective pest control. Bed bugs are common in this area of the country, and residential areas are frequently affected. Our team of experienced pest-control experts understand the problems that come with an infestation of bed bugs. We encourage anyone who is dealing with this problem to contact our offices at your earliest convenience. Our methods are effective and reliable, and we look forward to providing you with a pest-free living environment in Decatur.

About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are members of the parasite family known as the cimicidae. These critters only feed on blood from some warm-blooded animals, but they usually target humans for their source of food. They have round bodies that are often striped, and their small heads contain sharp tools for drawing blood. A bad experience with bed bugs can cause your children to have sleeping problems, and this can affect their development. They often leave sores on the area of the flesh where they bite in order to draw blood. These pests cause physical and psychological distress.

Eliminating bed bugs from your home can be difficult because they have so many places to hide. They hide during the daylight hours, and they emerge at night to extract a blood meal. Detecting these pests is difficult because they are so small and adept at hiding from view. They can also lay eggs inside of the cracks in your wall or baseboards, and they may even lay these eggs in the lining of your mattress. It is difficult to apply certain methods to these pests because they can be hiding in so many places.

Heat Treating Bed Bugs

The heat treatment is one of the most popular methods for dealing with bed bugs. Heat treatments blast an area with extreme temperatures in order to kill off the bed bug and any egg sacs. This is more effective than methods like steaming or dry cleaning because it can be applied to the entire room; however, there are some risks involved whenever you blast an area with temperatures that exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Our pest-control experts can effectively apply this heat treatment to your entire room safely.

The heat treatment process can be localized or globally applied. For example, the localized solution involves placing particular articles into a container that will blast them with high temperatures. Examples include bed linings, mattress covers, curtains, clothing and even luggage containers. This will eliminate the bed bugs and their eggs from these items. Other methods, like steaming or dry cleaning, use the same principle, but they can only be applied to individual items. Heat treatments, on the other hand, can be used on the entire room to eliminate bed bugs from cracks in the wall, baseboards and hidden areas inside the room.

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Our heat treatment service plans provide you with everything you need to live a life in Decatur free from bed bugs. We apply this treatment to your entire room, so you can be confident that all of the egg sacs are eliminated. Contact Bad Bugs in Decatur for all of your pest-control requirements.
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