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Bed bugs are proof that even tiny things can cause big problems. Despite their small stature and preference for avoiding the spotlight, these persistent, bloodsucking pests can have a major impact on your home and your health. In fact, bed bugs have been named a public health pest by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Bed Bug Basics

Roughly the size of apple seeds, bed bugs are a rusty, reddish brown in color. With flat bodies and six legs, they resemble small cockroaches, but getting a good look at a bed bug can be tough. These problematic pests aren’t eager to make the acquaintance of people. Instead, they hide when light or activity is present, emerging to feed on the blood of sleeping humans under the cover of darkness. While you may not spot a bed bug, you are likely to see signs of their presence in the form of small stains on your sheets or mattress and itchy bites on your skin. While they are not known to transmit disease, bed bug bites are not harmless. The discomfort of being bitten can cause psychological distress and have a negative impact on sleep. To make matters worse, dangerous asthmatic or anaphylactic reactions are possible in sensitive individuals.

Turning Up the Heat on Bed Bugs

When it comes to getting rid of bed bugs, turning up the heat will get the job done. A heat treatment does more than make bed bugs sweat. Basically, pest control experts use professional-grade equipment to raise the temperature of the targeted space until it exceeds the levels that bed bugs can tolerate. Because the heat penetrates everywhere, there’s nowhere to hide. Both adult insects and their eggs are vulnerable to heat, so when delivered properly, a heat treatment is a highly effective way to eliminate a bed bug infestation.

The Benefits of Heat Treatment

Why is heat treatment the pest control treatment of choice? It’s safe and effective. Bed bugs seem to have a sizeable resistance to many pesticides and poisons. Using these methods is unlikely to faze the bed bugs, but it could endanger the health of people prone to chemical sensitivities or children or pets who encounter any lingering residues. Running items through a clothes dryer isn’t particularly practical and only minimally effective. Steaming can be useful, but it’s labor-intensive and time-consuming. Ultimately, a heat treatment can efficiently eliminate bed bugs from a sizeable space without leaving nasty, toxic residues behind.

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