McCalla is a humid city that sees plentiful rainfall each year. The moisture, warmth and humidity create a prime environment for spiders, insects and rodents. There is plenty of vegetation, which allows insects to flourish. Their predators also flourish. When pests get into your home, they can also flourish there, rob you of your peace of mind and create health risks.


These pests are attracted to moisture. You may see them outdoors or in your home. When they are in your home, they are usually seen scurrying around your sink or bathtub. Silverfish are not aggressive and are not known to bite or cause illnesses. However, they do pose a risk to your belongings. Silverfish will wander away from their moisture sources and can chew through important documents that are poorly stored, clothing, curtains and even furniture.


Fleas thrive in warm climates where there are plenty of animals. They feed on the blood of animals and are a major nuisance to pet owners. Although pills, collars and drops can prevent some bites, fleas will still bite your pets if they are in your yard. Sprays and DIY chemical cocktails are actually more harmful to pets and children than fleas since they only target one or two life stages. Fleas are resilient in the first two stages of life, and they have four total stages. Also, they can jump long distances and are fast. Fleas will also bite humans if they make it indoors, and these pests thrive in carpeting or on furniture.


The biggest concern today with mosquitoes is Zika virus. Although the virus is not medically significant in most people, it can cause an infected pregnant woman to have a baby that is born with microcephaly. This hinders cognitive development and is marked by an unusually small head. Mosquitoes can also transmit West Nile, malaria, yellow fever and dengue fever. These are all serious illnesses that require medical attention, and some may have long recovery times. Mosquitoes are most active at dusk. If you go out after dark, wear long sleeves and use a repellent with a minimum of 40 percent DEET. Also, make sure that all sources of standing water are eliminated since mosquitoes can breed in a water source as small as an overturned bottle cap.


Carpenter ants are some of the most destructive. They are large and chew through trees, eaves and even support beams to create their nests. These pests will invade your home looking for anything from rotting garbage to sugar. Fire ants sting and are venomous. Their stings can trigger allergic reactions that require immediate medical care. Fire ants sting aggressively, and their stings are very painful. Argentine ants do not pose a major danger to humans. However, they do attack other ant colonies that normally feed on harmful insects. The result is dying vegetation and a depleted garden. Also, several species of smaller ants invade your food supply and may cause itchy bumps if they bite.

When you notice any of these pests in your home, there are probably more nearby. At Bad Bugs Pest Control, we handle all types and sizes of pest problems. We also have preventative services to keep pests away. Call us for a free estimate.