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Bad Bugs Pest Control serves customers who are suffering from a pest infestation in the areas around Montgomery, AL. Our team of dedicated pest-control professionals provide the tools and equipment to effectively eliminate these problems. Some of our customers tried to eliminate these infestations using other products and methods. We understand how these alternatives can bring temporary relief, but many pest infestations will return within a short period of time. If you need a long-term solution for pest control in Alabama, contact our service providers today.

What is a Bed Bug?

Bed bugs belong to the family of insects called the cimicidae, and these parasites feed only on the blood of humans and some warm-blooded animals. These parasites have round bodies with stripes, and their heads are small. They bite into the flesh of sleeping people, and they leave bite marks that can be tender. These parasites are difficult to detect, and they are also difficult to kill. They are adept at avoiding common extermination attempts, and they hide in various places.

They can infest your home and remain inside of the premises for a while without being detected. At night, they may lay eggs in parts of your bedding, and these young bed bugs will emerge hungry for blood. Eliminating a bed bug infestation is important when you have young children in the home because a bad experience can cause them to suffer from sleeping problems.

Heat Treatments for Bed Begs in Montgomery

Heat treatments are an effective method of killing bed bugs. Extreme heat can eliminate these pests from your bedding, clothing, luggage, baseboards and other common hiding places. There are several methods that are available, and our professional heat treatment team can use the option most suitable for your situation. The heat treatment can be applied to any item that has been contaminated by the presence of bed bugs.

First, the heat treatment involves isolating a contaminated item and placing it into a hot container. This could be articles of clothing, bedding and even travel containers like luggage. For this remedy to remain effective, it must be performed in a well-ventilated area. Our professionals understand the dangers that may occur when applying a heat treatment to eliminate bed bugs. Heat treatments can also be used on an entire room. This targets the crevices and cracks that bed bugs may use to escape detection. Alternatives to heat treatments include steaming and using clothing dryers, but these methods do not address the entire room, and they may require the additional application of pesticides as well.

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Temperatures can exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit in many cases, so we encourage you to contact our experienced team of pest-control experts when considering this method. Heat treatments provide the additional benefit of treating the affected room, and you can even apply this treatment to your entire home. Contact our professionals as soon as you detect the presence of bed bugs in your home. We are prepared to handle all of your pest-control requirements.

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