Moody is home to several types of ants, and most are problematic for homeowners and business owners. While some ants destroy belongings, others destroy important insects. From other bugs and rotting garbage to sugar and pantry items, ants will feed on nearly anything. When they invade a building, they can quickly take over. Their colonies tend to be large and are sometimes hard to locate.

Carpenter Ants

These ants are larger in size than most of the small ants that you see outdoors. Carpenter ants chew through the wood on trees, in your home and on outdoor fixtures. They create large hollows in the wood, and they can totally destroy beams or other important pieces of wood as their colonies grow. The wood usually appears to have bubbled or rough rows, and there may be visible holes. Carpenter ants prefer to eat aphids but also are attracted to garbage and rotting meat.

Red Pavement Ants

Although these ants are not aggressive, they may sting you. Pavement ants are usually after whatever food they can find. They are small and dark red in color. The main problem with these ants is that they get into everything and have very large colonies that grow rapidly. If you own a business, this type of ant could scare off customers and may even hurt your reputation.

Fire Ants

These red ants are sometimes larger in size than tiny black ants. They usually live in mounds outdoors. You may encounter them while gardening or doing yard work. In some instances, they make colonies under porches and enter homes in search of food. Fire ants are aggressive, and they have painful stings. They often sting several times. Since their stings contain venom, some people may have allergic reactions that require emergency medical care.

Formica Ants

Formica ants are known for spitting formic acid. They do not bite but will sting. While they are not as common in buildings, you may occasionally see them indoors. These ants typically hide and colonize under rocks.

Cow Killers

These distinct-looking ants are red and black in color and have a velvety appearance, which also earns them the name of velvet ants. Their stings are very painful and can be harmful. Medical attention is sometimes necessary after a sting. Cow killers are closely related to wasps.

Argentine Ants

Argentine ants are native to Central and South America. However, they have been appearing more in the Southeast recently. Although these ants do not pose a medical danger to humans, they will quickly destroy other ant colonies. Some ants are helpful to your yard’s ecological health, and depletion of the helpful ants can result in harmful insects taking over. The harmful insects usually destroy your garden, trees and plants.

Asian Needle Ants

These pests are brown and black and have distinct orange mandibles. They sting and can be aggressive. Some people have had severe allergic reactions to their stings. However, most people simply suffer from welts when these ants invade their homes.

If you see any ants in your home, there are more nearby. The best solution is professional removal and prevention. For prompt and effective removal of ants and other pests in Moody, contact Bad Bugs Pest Control.