Located only 30 minutes away from Birmingham, Pelham has become one of Alabama’s fastest growing cities. Residents are especially drawn to area’s rural atmosphere. If you enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, this is the perfect place to call home. From fishing to camping, Pelham’s Oak Mountain State Park gives you easy access to a number of adventurous activities. Great year-round weather makes Pelham even more rewarding. Because the city tends to experience mild winters, pest control should remain a top priority for local homes and businesses.

Residential Pest Control

Make it a point to link up with a professional pest control company. Having your property treated on a regular basis will give you an extra degree of protection. While there are plenty of problematic bugs lurking in Pelham, cockroaches are among the biggest threat to your family’s health. Not only can cockroaches cause sickness by contaminating your food, but they can also aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms. Even worse, these tough-nosed insects tend to multiply faster than the average household pest. During the summer time, mosquitoes become especially troublesome for outdoor lovers in Pelham. Humid weather causes mosquitoes to come out in droves. Although the typical mosquito bite only causes minor skin irritation, there’s always a chance for a severe reaction. You definitely don’t want to take any chances. For good reason, many Pelham residents hate the sight of mice. An incredibly flexible body enables these rodents to slip through the smallest of openings. Once rodents gain access to a dwelling, they will quickly start to mark their territory with disgusting droppings. Bed bug control is just as important.

Commercial Pest Control

Pelham businesses must stay prepared for an infestation. Even a small pest problem can jeopardize the success of your business. Because food is such a big attraction for most pests, local restaurants can’t take any risks. Contrary to popular belief, maintaining a clean restaurant won’t completely deter insects and mice. A sound pest management plan involves treating the premises on a routine basis. If you fail to take action, you risk losing a lot of business. No one wants to eat at an establishment that has a reputation for being unsanitary. As you know, social media has made it easy for customers to voice their dissatisfaction. Hotels, supermarkets, retail stores, and manufacturing plants also need to stay protected.

Available Pest Services:

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