All of our treatment programs are safe and effective, but our ExteriorPlus Program is preferred by most. We offer one-time monthly or quarterly pest control programs. We guarantee your home or business will be pest free or 
we will return and re-treat free of charge!

Interior Treatment Program:

  • Baiting in wet areas such as bathrooms, 
    kitchens, wet bars, and water heaters
  • Gel baiting inside the cabinets, in drawers, 
    under plumbing, and in sink areas
  • Inspection and placement of granules in the attic
  • Inspection of non-wet areas
  • Spot treatment if needed

ExteriorPlus Program

  • A sweep down on the eaves and overhangs 
    to remove spider webs, dirt, and dirt dauber nests.
  • Removal of wasp nests where accessible.
  • Liquid chemical treatment to eaves, window and door frames, 
    thresholds, cracks and crevices, window sills, around plumbing, structure cracks,  harborage areas (decks,heavy brush,and garbage areas)
  • 3-5 feet up the side and 6-10 feet around the home to establish a 
    pest proof barrier that will work to prevent insects from gaining 
    entrance into the structure.