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As people increasingly live in closer quarters such as apartment buildings, cruise ships, barracks, dormitories and shelters, bed bugs are a growing problem. Small, six-legged and wingless, adult bed bugs are about 0.25 inches long and have a flattened, oval shape when they are not feeding on the blood of their human or animal hosts. After a blood meal, they can become six times their normal size. When viewed closely, bed bugs can range from white or tan to burnt orange in color. After feeding, their body may also feature a black or dark red blotch. Newborn bed bugs, called nymphs or hatchlings, are the size of a poppy seed. Bed bugs prefer to live in dark, warm places such as bedding, sofas, clothing and other soft places.

Detecting Bed Bugs

The clearest sign that you have bed bugs occurs when you or a family member notice the presence of bites that happened while sleeping. If you think you have a problem, examine your bed linens as well as the seams of mattresses, in corners, under wallpaper, in drawers and in laundry for insects or eggs. The eggs will resemble small, pale poppy seeds. Bed bug droppings make brown or rust-colored stains. If you have a major infestation, you may notice a smell rather like coriander.

In most cases, bed bugs do not pose grave danger to humans. Their bites usually heal within one to two weeks with no complications. However, these bites can itch and in some cases might become infected. In rare instances, a person might have an allergic reaction that is alleviated with antihistamines. That being said, most people are repulsed and horrified by the idea of being fed upon while they sleep. Your social life might be hampered as you may be concerned that bugs might be carried from your home to those of anyone visiting you.

Although bed bugs are not carriers of disease, their presence causes physical discomfort, loss of sleep and psychological distress. Treating them on your own is usually ineffective since they are so small and can hide in numerous places. The best way to permanently rid your home of these creepy pests is to call Bad Bugs in Anniston, AL because we are the bed bug heat treatment experts.

Heat Treatments

Heat treatment is by far the most effective way to eradicate bed bugs. Pesticides have to be applied repeatedly, often cause humans to experience physical symptoms and are becoming less effective as the insects develop a resistance. By contrast, bed bugs of all life stages – even eggs – cannot tolerate high heat, and they cannot escape it. Heat permeates deep into even the smallest cracks and crevices, leaving no toxic residue.

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In order for heat to be lethal to bed bugs, your entire space must be raised to a temperature of at least 118 degrees Fahrenheit through the use of professional thermal equipment. At Bad Bugs Pest Control, we boost the temperature even higher to over 140 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that heat fully flows into even the most hidden nooks and crannies. Pesticide treatments may need to be repeated several times, and they still might not work; our heat treatment can be completed in one day. Best of all, it is fully warrantied for six months.

If you have bed bugs, don’t spend another night in misery. Call Bad Bugs Pest Control today, and get your life and peace of mind back.

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