Bad Bugs is a company with locations in Birmingham and Calera dedicated to providing effective pest control services. Bees and wasps often build large nests in areas where people live. Their stingers cause painful inflammation, and some people may even experience a serious allergic reaction. Getting rid of a single bee or wasp might be possible, but these pests build large hives that make it impossible for people to eliminate them from the property.

Bees and wasps are similar in appearance, and they do provide some ecological benefits when they build their colonies in natural areas. Bees are part of the natural process of pollination. Wasps are predator insects, and they often feed on other pests; however, these marginal benefits do not offset the danger they pose to humans. There is normally a conflict when they decide to build a hive around areas where humans live. They can make it impossible for children to play outdoors safely, for example. They can also prevent people from enjoying outdoor games, cookouts and other activities.

Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps are common in the state of Alabama, and people in affected areas often discover how difficult it is to control these insects. Both bees and wasps have a social system comprised of workers and one queen. Bees are smaller than wasps, but their stingers are potent. There are many different varieties of bees, and these species include the honey bee, bumble bee, carpenter bee and the sweat bee. In general, they have small, round bodies with yellow and black stripes. The abdomen might be hairy or shiny, and this depends on the particular species. They are often attracted to areas where trash is stored, so uncovered trash cans are likely to attract bees in search of food and sweet residues from soda cans and other sugary drink containers.

Wasps are larger than bees, and common species include yellow jackets, hornets and paper wasps. They have a narrow waist, and they become aggressive during the cool or cold months of the year. These insects typically have elongated bodies with long legs that hang freely as they fly. They have an ability to fly in a way that makes them appear to hover in the air. They build nests that hang from the trees or the gutters of houses. When they swarm, they can prevent people from using the area for any reason, and they can also enter the home through open windows, holes in screen doors and open doors.

Dangers and Precautions

Controlling these insects can be difficult in some cases and dangerous in others. Bee stings in particular are known for causing anaphylactic shock in some people. When this happens, the person might require hospitalization. Wasp stings can cause local inflammation for days or even weeks. These pests can prevent people from enjoying life, for any human must constantly be on guard when there are bees and wasps in the area. Professional pest control companies provide solutions for people experiencing an infestation. For additional information, assistance or a pest control quote, contact Bad Bugs today.

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