Birmingham, AL is home to plenty of sunshine and blue skies, but it’s also home to a variety of bothersome pests. From bees and mice to rats and spiders, each pest poses a unique set of problems and potential dangers. To help you better understand the critters that plague your area, here is a quick look at some common nuisances and what can be done about them.

Bees and Wasps

While bees are a crucial part of the ecological system, they can be dangerous when they build their nests too close to home. Small and round, bees are generally black, yellow or brown and have fuzzy or shiny abdomens depending on the species. Slightly larger, wasps have elongated bodies, long legs and narrow waists. Though wasps are more aggressive than bees, both flying pests possess potent stingers and will sting when they feel threatened. Causing painful inflammation, their stings can result in severe allergic reactions. When bees and wasps build their nests in residential areas, it’s easy for these pests to sneak into homes through openings in doors, windows and more. Because of their tendency to build large colonies, eliminating these insects often requires professional help.


While sporting different shapes and sizes, all rodents share the common denominators of hairy coats, tiny talons and razor-sharp incisors. From rats and mice to squirrels and groundhogs, these pint-sized pests can cause major problems when they decide to trade their natural habitat for your cozy home or garden. Invading homes through attics, basements and holes, rodents can contaminate your food and litter your floors with piles of infectious feces and urine. In addition to such health hazards, your home’s safety is also at risk as these creatures can gnaw through walls, furniture and wires. Posing such dangers, rodent infestations require immediate attention to prevent further damage.


Of the hundreds of spider species that live in Alabama, only the recluse and widow are highly poisonous and dangerous to humans. As indicated by their name, recluse spiders are shy creatures that prefer to live in undisturbed areas. The most infamous type is the brown recluse, which is easily identified by the violin-like shape on its back. As for widows, they also enjoy quiet areas such as unused yard equipment, gardening pots and buckets. Unique to their species, widows can be identified by the red or orange hourglass mark on their abdomens. Due to their small size, spiders can easily squeeze through cracks in foundations as well as small openings near window sills and door jams. While most spider bites cause only minor irritation, those of widows and recluses can result in excruciating pain, nausea, fever and even death. Since spiders feed on a variety of insects, an increase in these creepy crawlers may indicate an even larger pest problem, so a prompt and thorough inspection is recommended.

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