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Bad Bugs Pest Control offers a full range of solutions for individuals suffering from bed bug infestations in Tuscaloosa, AL. Our service team provides expert services to residential customers who require immediate relief from these critters. Although this is a wonderful place to work and live, Tuscaloosa is also known as a home for a variety of pests. Bed bugs enter the home in search of shelter and sustenance, and they feed exclusively on the blood of humans and animals.

Bed Bugs Appearance

Bed bugs have round, striped bodies with small heads. They have sharp pincers in the head area for drawing blood from unsuspecting sleepers. They emerge during the night to draw a blood meal from humans or animals, and they can leave small marks that can become swollen and tender. These critters can find many different places to hide, and this includes bedding, clothing, curtain linings, luggage and items made from similar materials. Eliminating a bed bug infestation is inherently difficult because they have so many places to hide from view.

In addition to hiding in these crevices, bed bugs can also leave their eggs in these areas. This means that even if you succeed in eliminating the bed bugs using methods like steaming or dry cleaning your linens, their eggs may remain inside an area of your room. Because the egg sacs are so small, you may experience a period of time when you think that the problem is gone. This is why we recommend heat treatments for your entire room in addition to specific articles that have been contaminated by their presence.

Heat Treatments

A heat treatment is a method of pest control that involves exposing contaminated articles to extreme heat for a relatively long period of time. This extreme temperature method is effective at killing bed bugs as well as their egg sacs. There are other methods of applying steam to the same types of articles, but direct heat is more efficient, and it can be applied to the entire room. When you select a heat treatment method, you need to be aware of the risks involved. Our professionals are trained to safely apply the heat treatment to your entire room in order to eliminate bed bug infestations.

Local heat treatments will involve placing affected items into a container and blasting these articles with high temperatures. This can kill off the bed bugs and prevent the next generation from hatching. Room heat treatments apply the same principle to an entire living area. This will allow the heat to penetrate into the crevices where bed bugs may be hiding. If you don’t treat the room, they could simply emerge later to bother your sleep once more.

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We provide a variety of solutions designed to eliminate pests from your home in Tuscaloosa, AL. Our service team can eliminate these pests from your entire room. To prevent these bed bugs from disturbing the sleep of your family members, contact our professional team as soon as you recognize a problem.